About The Formerly Homeless Foundation

The Formerly Homeless Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization created to help those who are homeless. Our mission is to help those who experience homelessness by developing permanent housing options, and to work with area agencies to offer medical care, therapy, workforce training, and personal development. We strive to change the misconception and stereotypes that communities have of who is homeless, and why, so that we can encourage others to support this cause and help those in need.

We employ those who were once homeless in a variety of roles within our facilities, including assisting in community outreach events. We help them build their resumes and job workforce experience. Additionally, we conduct fundraising, food, and clothing drives, and other spectacular acts to help those who are in need in our community and to help build awareness.

We have created this website so that those who were once homeless across the world can have an opportunity to pay it forward by telling their story. They may remain anonymous, however the more people who realize that anyone can be homeless, the more likely we will be to inspire others to help.